Bienvenue À L'Unico

When we set forth with the dream of opening this restaurant, the decision was made that we be the best at what we do ... We would be the UNICO.
-Gianmario & Damian Benvenuto

There are some things you should know about Trattoria L’unico:

  • We only take 8 people and more reservation. Except Friday and Saturday
  • We do not serve slices
  • We are not your typical corner pizzeria yet we strive to make everyone feel as welcome as if it were their corner pizzeria (yet with fresher, healthier food!)
  • We serve a 11″ individually handcrafted sized style pizza.
  • Our wood fired oven churns out pizza in under 90 seconds at a temperature of 800 + degrees.
  • All of our products are made in-house and prepared ‘from’ scratch
  • We use local, organic, and in-season ingredients from local farms whenever possible, our pizza is truly a healthy and nutritious product.
  • Our friendly quick service and attention to detail is only the beginning.
  • We only use the very best ingredients in our recipes.
  • Our pizza sauce and dough are made daily for an authentic taste of Italy that will keep you coming back for more.

About the owners

About Damian Benvenuto

I started my journey in the food and beverage industry at a very young age. I washed dishes and cleaned tables for a family member who owned a restaurant in Montreal. I enjoyed working with my colleagues and seeing the enjoyment of clients as they received their meals. A few years in the opportunity to return to Italy arose and I jumped at the chance to try and learn more about the industry in the old country!

After a few months of working in restaurants and trattoria's, quickly gaining experience and learning the proper ways of serving clients I longed to return home to Montreal. Against my family's wishes I decided to come back ... Thankfully before I could be married off to a distant cousin!

When I returned to Montreal there was no longer an opening for me at the family restaurant. I was forced to venture out and get some experience on my own, starting in a high-end Italian restaurant by cleaning tables and filling water glasses. Over time I moved my way up to waiter. Serving people is a true passion that I still enjoy today. I often envision myself sitting in the client’s seat and making sure the service they receive is what I would want. After ten years of formal service I found myself wanting to create an atmosphere where high service meets quick service… being able to offer a high quality meal at affordable prices and still allowing the customer to be back in time for work after lunch.

My restaurant became a reality in 2007 when I was able to convince the best pizza man I know to start on this venture with me.

The best tip I’ve ever received to this day was my future wife’s phone number. She has given me a son that just shakes and rocks my world every day. They are the reason why I wake up in the morning “I love you both very much Kim and James”. I can’t leave out my brother who’s also my partner who’s been an absolute warrior for me from day one like my wife,he sees when I’m blind ,speaks when I’m speechless ,moves when I’m motionless all while augmenting my strengths and hiding my weaknesses.
–Damian Benvenuto

Sur GianMario

I’ve grown up in a family that loves pizza –any chance we get we call up Pizza and order a couple of big ones, for that special occasion like Thanksgiving “for Italians this is when we clean out the garden” Order some pizza! Super Bowl? Mom is already on the phone! It’s the weekend? Order another pizza. My family loves pizza so much we have four cousins with pizzerias! I was lucky enough to learn how to make the perfect pizza at one of my cousin’s restaurants.

Starting as a prep cook, I leaned what it meant to carry flour, make dough, and design a great pizza and sauce. When I started we had two people preparing the ingredient for the day as well as three pizza men for service. As the years rolled by, I and my passion for the art of making the pie grew, I took great pride in making sure I prepared my own dough and sauce, making sure my station always had the freshest ingredients

My job doesn’t start when a client orders, it starts early in the morning, making the dough that will be the canvas for someone’s personal culinary art piece. It includes selecting the finest of ingredients. Once this is done and service starts, I become a composer of a great orchestra. Shaping, altering and shifting the piece until it is finally complete and ready for its grand debut!

In 2007 my dreams of sharing my love for pizza became a reality, with the support of my brother and parents I am now able to create culinary art for all of you! “Thank you family for having the patience and confidence in me”
-Gianmario Benvenuto